Garage sale 2021

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Garage sale 2021

Postby Dartmoor Dave » Wed May 19, 2021 7:12 am

Due to decreasing health the following are for sale.

Package 1 £10k
1x White/Black SP2 2002, clean, tidy, 15k miles, MOT ready. Some changes, levers, Ohlins rear shock, refurbished wheels, Remus cans. Any stock parts included but not cans.
1x White/Black SP2 2003, 40k, needing clean, repaint and service. Runs fine, mostly standard with stock rear mudguard, shock and cans. Comes with new sticker kit and genuine Honda /Castrol sticker kit as per Colin's WSBK bike. Repaint to your choice?

Package 2 £20k
Basically the whole bike element of my garage.
Both Sp's, Very clean 2010 Repsol Fireblade 25k miles, Very clean 1998 VFR800Fi in Red last Mot 8k but has replacement speedo(15k?)
All the SP spares, SP1 forks, yokes.
SP2 forks, yokes, legs.
Sets of Sp1 and 2 discs, calipers front and rear.
1x Brand new pair of SP2 OE Silencers
1x Brand New LHS SP2 OE Silencer.
Radial caliper conversion for SP2, currently mocked up on the 2003.
Whole CBRR 600 front end in red to convert the 800 to delinked brakes and more adjustable forks.
800 comes with white wheels and 8 spoke rare rear wheel. 2x sets of gold wheels, 1x set original black wheels, all with new or as new tyres.
SP1 side panel in Red.
Underslung rear caliper brackets and calipers for SP and CBR
OE 800 rear silencer.
800 has Nitron shock but have Brand new Wilbers remote shock to go on.
Various master cylinders, brake line kits etc to replace/upgrade OE items.
Boxes of spindles, OE bolts, fork yokes, Triumph radial caliper front end to suit SP2 yokes and front wheel.
CBRR Big Piston forks and several rear shocks with springs and shock spring tool.
Kawasaki 10rr forks with a view to radial caliper an SP2.
Paddock stands and special tools. Shim kit for SP camshaft tappets.
Anything else we can find, its all got to go!
Dartmoor Dave
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